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And why just US cars ? 

It is true that Europe was the combustion engine cradle, but it was Henry Ford and his classical T-model, who stand - not only US but the whole world - on wheels. But American cars has created many historical milestones which set the rules for the rest of the automobile world. These are powerfull engines, luxury features, comfort and timeless design.

Typical example is one of the following cars - 1962 Ford Thunderbird which was then already equipped with power steering and brakes, electro-hydraulically operated roof, electrically adjustable seats, power windows, central locking, 300 HP V8 engine with automatic transmission with three modes and transistor radio with presets.

And all this 51 years ago.

Just, who has ever sat either in the spacious interior "road cruisers" or stepped on the gas in one of the sports coupes and has heard a huge sound of eight cylinder engines, experienced an unforgettable moment of beauty and power.




1982 Corvette - Collectors Edition